I was called to be an artist and entrepreneur since the day I was born.  Whether I was drawing, painting or just creating something out of nothing, I knew it was my happy place.  Interior design became my passion as I grew older.  I was able to design my own dream house and land a job at a high end design center, yet creating with my own hands continued to call me.  I started my own business called A Touch of Glass which let me express my self by painting on old windows, glass bottles and upcycle old furniture.  I was featured in our local newspaper and participated twice in a wide spread art event called Sierra Art Trails.  

I love being and supporting entrepreneurial women.  For the last several years I was blessed to be able to work for my Dad's security company and at the same time open Cindy's Gifts and Home Decor' in my generously sized office.  I sold a combination of handmade and store bought items and also offered upholstery and interior redesign services (Using the clients existing furniture and accessories.)  Again I was featured in our local newspaper.  My Dad retired in 2021 and sold the building which left me to ask myself "What do you want to do now?"  I knew in my spirit that it had to be some form of art.  I came across some wire wrapping jewelry videos and thought, "That looks like fun!" so I found my husband's unused electrical wire, stripped off the insulation, found some old jewelry, dug through my old craft supplies and off I went!

Looking back I realize I have always had the mind set to recycle and upcycle.  There is nothing more gratifying than taking old, ugly, trash destined items and turning them into objects of worth and beauty.  Yes I've' done my share of dumpster diving!  I love art that has a story.

I started Of The Earth Creations as a commitment to empower all women to step out and trust themselves as powerful individuals capable of making their dreams a reality and do my part in preserving our beautiful world, this gift from God who is the ultimate Creator.  I will, to the best of my ability, purchase supplies that are eco friendly from companies who are eco friendly.  Whenever possible I will chose to upcycle what I have instead of buying new.  

Thank you to my family, friends and customers who have always supported my need to create!